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Plant Simulation Video Tutorials

Basic Modeling Concepts

During your first interactive Plant Simulation experience don’t miss the opportunity to watch the official video tutorials online for free. Follow the Siemens PLM Channel on YouTube and stay up to date with Plant Simulation’s latest and most important features. 150 minutes packed in 18 concise episodes will guide you through the basic modeling concepts and techniques for building a valuable digital model of your production processes in Plant Simulation:

  • Get to know the object-oriented architecture which provides solid framework for hierarchical and structured modeling of complex systems.
  • Work with the extensive class libraries and become familiar with the featured objects’ numerous out-of-the box functionalities for implementing the material flow strategies.
  • Follow the animations sequences in the 3D Environment and gain convincing visual impressions when modeling conveyer systems or animating our own objects.
  • Get an insight into the modeling of workers for the processing, handling and transportation of production parts.
  • Take a first look at one of Plant Simulation’s powerful analysis and optimization tools such as the Experiment Manager.
  • Convince yourself of the usability of Extended Libraries such as portal cranes or gantry loaders which will further simplify your modeling Tasks.



View the complete Plant Simulation Playlist here: Siemens PLM Channel


ACAM Digital Manufacturing, 03.07.2018