Virtual Commissioning

Control your digital factory by connecting a real PLC with the OPC or PLCSIM interface. Evaluate the behavior of your system during the virtual commissioning of the digital model through interaction with real automation components.

Test your PLC code on the digital model and develop higher-quality control software:

  • Model in the loop
  • Software in the loop
  • Hardware in the loop

The advantages of virtual commissioning are obvious:

  • Shorten the development phase with reduced development costs by resource optimization.
  • Develop higher-quality PLC code due to parallel unit tests and high code coverage through long-term testing.
  • Train your employees on the virtual model and go through possible error scenarios before the physical system is put into operation.
  • Speed up the commissioning of the real system due to preliminary tested and validatet PLC code.
  • Improve and optimize your control processes independently of the location and without any impacts on the ongoing production (material consumption, wear, risks due to damage).