Simcenter Testing Solutions

Increase your innovation and productivity with test development

Simcenter Testing Solutions

In our digital age, it is crucial to test, validate and optimize your products under conditions of shorter test cycles, performance requirements, growing complexity and reduce your costs, to validate and optimize.

Improve your testing processes and increase productivity and product innovation with Simcenter Testing Solutions. Our solutions integrate multi-physical data acquisition hardware into a complete suite of acquisition, analysis and modeling software to cover a wide range of test requirements.

Simcenter’s test solutions provide key insights for innovative smart products, increase test productivity and efficiency, ensure quality, improve team collaboration and development flexibility, close the loop of the simulation process, and reduce operating costs.

Simcenter Testxpress

Don't compromise on testing efficiency and productivity with our sound and vibration analyzer.

Simcenter SCADAS

Increase your productivity with a wide range of data acquisition hardware

Simcenter Testlab

Increase test efficiency and product innovation

Simcenter Anovis

The Simcenter Anovis Testsystem (Acoustic Noise and Vibration) provides a complete software and hardware platform for industrial quality inspection.

Simcenter Testlab Neo

Increase productivity and insights for test-based performance engineering

Simcenter Soundbrush

Visualize sound intensity in real time 3D

Simcenter Sound Camera

Speed up your acoustic troubleshooting

Simcenter T3STER

Hardware for thermal characterization

Simcenter TERALED

Combined thermal, radiometric and photometric testing of LEDs

Simcenter DYNTIM

Hardware for testing thermal conductivity


Combined evaluation of active power and thermal structure


Simcenter Testing Solutions Overview

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