Whether tool management (WZV), DNC program management (DNC), production data acquisition (PDA) or machine data acquisition (MDC), with FDM you manage everything in just one system!

End-to-end tool management

FDM maps all resources tools, test equipment and other production resources of your production. It books, manages and visualizes your tools based on their actual use by order and cost center.

Tool data is collected via FDM tool measurement and automatically posted back when used.

The setup plan management stores valuable information on total tools and setups and makes it available at the respective workstation or cost center.


Actively control stocks

Thanks to the seamless management of resources and production resources/tools, inventories can be actively controlled and monitored. In this way, you not only reduce costs and time spent on inventory management, but also the error rate in work preparation and throughout production.


Recognize interrelationships

Relationships and correlations between objects, i.e. between orders and all the necessary tools, are easily documented and visible. Consistent data management in just one system saves time spent on searches and an uncontrolled flood of data and paper.

Advantages with FDM:

  • Optimize workflows
  • Reduce set-up times
  • Cost per cost center
  • Control inventories
  • Document interrelationships

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