Production always prompt and flexible

With FDM, you connect your planning live with production. All relevant data and information for the manufacturing process are made available directly at the workstation and, at the same time, relevant quality and machine data can be recorded by means of digital signal acquisition or terminal input.


User-friendliness with the FDM work interface

By providing clear work specifications and targeted information during the manufacturing process, not only can work steps be optimized decisively, but errors can also be prevented in a targeted manner.

With its user-friendly interface, FDM also makes a decisive contribution to comfort in the working environment and improves operating safety.


React quickly and flexibly to changes

By linking operations and objects, it is possible to track changes optimally and easily and to react flexibly and quickly. Necessary changes, work instructions or ambiguities can be communicated quickly and implemented directly.

The enrichment of planning data with machine states and workpiece qualities enables sustainable quality management.

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